Migrate harddisk with FreeBSD into new machine

C.M. Burns montiburns at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 14 20:41:00 UTC 2008

Dan Nelson schrieb:
> In the last episode (Aug 14), C.M. Burns said:
>> Derek Ragona schrieb:
>>> At 01:26 PM 8/14/2008, C.M. Burns wrote:
>>>> I have a problem. A faulty machine was running freeBSD with a two
>>>> harddisk software raid. now these two disks should be put into a
>>>> new machine, but of course it won't boot because it is new
>>>> hardware. Kernel just reports: cannot mount root device from
>>>> /dev/mirror/gm0s1a (or sth like this).
>>>> question is now, how can i add the correct driver into the initial
>>>> ramdisk (if there is such a thing on bsd) so the machine finds the
>>>> two drives? second question: how can i afterwards remove the
>>>> software mirror and only use one harddisk from that moment on?
>>>> any help is very welcom, as i have no idea about bsd. i am a linux
>>>> guy ;)
>>> What I would do, is install FreeBSD onto a new separate hard disk.
>>> Disks are cheap.  Once you get the boot disk installed you can
>>> create a custom kernel if necessary to support the RAID.
>> maybe there is a way to use the "loader prompt" to manually load the 
>> module? it is a buslogic bt948 controller.
>> i would rather not compile a new kernel :)
> I was going to suggest building the buslogic driver as a module and
> then loading it from floppy at the loader prompt, but it doesn't look
> like the "bt" driver is available in module form.  Do you maybe have an
> Adaptec SCSI card you could use instead, at least until you can rebuild
> the kernel?  I know modules for those are on the install CD (newer
> cards will be managed by the ahc or ahd drivers).

I could switch to an LSI logic megaraid controller, but i have to check 
the version when i am back at work on monday.
how can i load modules from floppy disk at loader prompt?

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