ATi & Intel graphics

Jim stapleton.41 at
Thu Aug 14 18:03:41 UTC 2008

On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 3:34 PM, Roland Smith <rsmith at> wrote:

> The last ATI chip with full open-source 3D accelleration support is the
> 2950 (RV280), but 3D and accelleration support for newer chips is
> actively being worked on. ATI is even going to provide the developers
> with documentation (could be that that has happened by now?).

Last I heard they got the documentation for card initialization and (I
think) power management. No acceleration docs yet. It still came to
over 900 pages. Hopefully there's been more since.

> The driver that you want for ATI cards is xf86-video-ati. But for the
> most features you'll have to compile it yourself from the code in a git
> repository. You'll probably need an updated DRM driver as well.

ok, it looks like the radeon (no HD) driver is part of the
xf86-video-ati driver, and by the size of the file, I'm
guessing most of what does is access and control the access
of radeon_drv, correct?

I wonder why there's no cutoff for the 3D functionality in the ATi
driver's man page. It just lists all supported cards without mention
of which have 3D implementations (try `man radeon`).

-Jim Stapleton

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