Recover Deleted File FreeBSD 7.0

Roland Smith rsmith at
Thu Aug 14 17:44:58 UTC 2008

On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 04:55:37PM +0800, Ruel Luchavez wrote:
> Hi List,
> Do you have an idea how to recover a deleted directory or files in freebsd
> 7.0?

For starters, you should remount the filesystem that contains the
directory as read-only _immediately_ after the accident. Otherwise the
blocks containing parts of some of the the deleted files might be
overwritten, in which case complete retrieval is impossible.

> I'm very sad that one of the important directory in my server was deleted
> accidentally.

Of course the best way to recover data is to restore it from a
backup. If you don't have a backup, consider this a lesson why you

> the command is use to delete the directory is:
> rm -r folder
> Any idea guys how to recover it?

Try the sysutils/sleuthkit port?

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