Upgrade v5.x to v7.0

Vince Sabio vince at vjs.org
Thu Aug 14 04:34:33 UTC 2008

** At 12:14 -0400 on 08/11/2008, Robert Huff wrote:
>Vince Sabio writes:
>>   I am currently running FreeBSD v5.1 (yes, I am a Bad Person(tm)),
>	Why?

Why am I a Bad Person(tm), or why am I still running v5.1?

>  >   and need to update it to v7.0. Questions:
>>   1. Can I go straight from v5.1 to v7.0? Or do I need to make a
>>   stop at v6.x?
>	It is probably technically possible.
>	However: when jumping major versions, my advice is always "If
>possible, install from clean disk."

I assume you mean "install from a clean CD" -- I did that, and it 
worked like a charm. And, for anyone else running v5.x who is 
considering upgrading to v7.0, this seems to be a very good way to do 
it. I downloaded and burned a bootonly.iso, and then ran the upgrade 
via [passive] FTP. Ten or fifteen minutes later, I was booting into 

>	In either case: remember to save critical config files
>(rc.conf, the kernel config, sshd_config, the named directory, etc.)

The fact that the upgrade worked proves that my backups are in good 
shape -- if they weren't, then the upgrade would have overwritten the 
system disk and then failed. ;-)

Vince Sabio                                                  vince at vjs.org

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