Mac RDP (Was: apple mac laptop)

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Wed Aug 13 20:01:51 UTC 2008

John Almberg ha scritto:

> I don't run GUIs on my FreeBSD servers, so I've never had to do anything 
> like this. In fact, I would do it the other way around, if I had to... 
> run the virtual desktop on the Mac, and log into the FreeBSD server.
> Not that I actually run X on the server. I just SSH into the box, or use 
> a virtual console connection, in case I can't SSH into the box (not that 
> that has ever happened...)

Right, I fully agree: no GUI on the server.

My need here is a bit different though, i.e. maintenance and assistance 
of remote clients.

  bye & Thanks

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