ATi & Intel graphics

Josh Carroll josh.carroll at
Wed Aug 13 19:58:51 UTC 2008

> Jail. I suspect I could build the base system plus X and copy
> everything over to a jailed dir. Once there, I could set -m32 in the
> CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS of the system make.conf. Build WINE in the jail,
> add a /usr/local... bin32, lib32 and libexec32 to the main (non-jail)
> part of the OS, and copy everything there. Then update the path and
> libpath for my system... OK, not simple, but it'll be an interesting
> experiment.

I tried this a while ago with a chroot. I installed 7.0-RELEASE/i386
there, and built ports inside the chroot. You need to also do a few
things to trick things like libtool (and other auto* tools) that your
arch is i386 and not amd64. From memory, I think you need to:

env UNAME_m=i386 make ...

For what it's worth, I got wine (and all depends) built, but it did
not work. It is likely I made a mistake along the way, of course. I
believe the resulting binary was generating a SIGABRT.

Naturally, if you have success doing this, it might be worth
publishing the (excruciating) details.


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