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Wed Aug 13 16:57:39 UTC 2008

Norberto Meijome wrote:
 > "Rudi Kramer - MWEB" wrote:
 > > Don't forget about the HAMMER file system which Matthew Dillon over at
 > > DragonFly BSD is busy working on.  It's not 100% finished but hopefully
 > > soon and it should be ported to FreeBSD. It  looks to be pretty good
 > > (Exabytes of space?!!!?)
 > > 
 > > More info:
 > > 
 > > Interview with Matthew:
 > >
 > > Website:
 > > Wiki:
 > interesting. it mentions mirroring...but clustering? as in,
 > having a unique ( or several) namespaces that, when addressed,
 > allow you to access any of the nodes that provide storage?

Note that Matt's terminology is a little bit confusing.
What he calls "mirroring" in HAMMER has nothing to do
with RAID-1 (like gmirror), but it is rather a kind of
replication.  The "mirroring" feature allows replication
between local and/or remote file systems.  So, yes, it
is intended to support clustering.

Clustering and SSI is the main goal of DragonFly BSD,
after all.

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