ATi & Intel graphics

Jim stapleton.41 at
Wed Aug 13 16:17:25 UTC 2008

At some point fairly soon, I'll be rebuilding my computer, and I want
three things.

64 Bit for more memory, maybe a bit of performance boost as well -
it's mostly a multimedia machine
decent/good 3D acceleration (better than a GeForce 7300GS - a few
games in WINE in 1920x1080 - yes, believe it or not, the 7300GS
doesn't do /bad/ on many of the games, but it certainly could be

I've used Solaris and Linux, and honestly, I'd rather go back to
Windows and use Cygwin for my *nix needs.
I'd rather use FreeBSD for the system than Windows.

64 Bit immediately knocks out the thoughts on using an nVidia card.

Has anyone had much experience with a 3600 series ATi card, it's the
best in the discreet-video category for my target price/performance,
but not listed in the man pages for the Radeon (non-HD) - only the
3400s and the 3800s). Aside from that, going for the really cheap end,
has anyone had much experience with the Intel 4500HD chipsets yet? I'm
lousy with other people's code (barely good with my own), but I could
test if needed, if/when I get the board.

Could anyone give me some of their experiences here? How are your
experiences with these pieces of hardware and their drivers in terms
of stability/reliability (in FreeBSD of course)? Are either of these
setups in a place where a tester would be needed/welcome?

-Jim Stapleton

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