Best SMTP Gateway Program and Reporting Tools

Mike M the.lists at
Wed Aug 13 12:07:37 UTC 2008

On 8/12/2008 at 3:22 PM Josh Kidd wrote:

|I just wanted to pose this question to the list on people's opinions as
|to what the best SMTP Gateway program (ie. Sendmail, Postfix, etc) is
|and what the best log analysis tool for that SMTP program is. 
|We are currently using Symantec Mail Security for our  outgoing SMTP
|Gateway but want to employ an open-source solution instead. My problem
|is our main requirement is to have a way to view the logs on a web based
|interface that will allow our system administrators when a customer
|complains they didn't receive an email to be able to go into the logs
|and search by date/time and view the activity for that period to
|determine if the mail went through our system or if it was blocked and
|if so why. 

If you need to stay with open source, my opinion is that you should choose an excellent open source MTA (I tend towards Postfix).  Your requirement for searching the logs is incidental to your main concern - reliable email delivery.

You can then solve the problem above with some simple scripting solutions.

But keep in mind that your first priority is to install a solid MTA.  If you don't, then no amount of web-based log file searching will make your life easy.

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