Build ncurses from sources HOWTO?

Unga unga888 at
Wed Aug 13 05:29:04 UTC 2008

Hi all

I'm learning to build ncurses-5.6 from sources (ie. outside of ports) on i386 FreeBSD 7.0 (RELENG_7).

As the first step, I want to make sure I patch the ncurses-5.6.tar.gz correctly. Here is what I do:

1. Download ncurses-5.6.tar.gz from
2. Download patches from

3. Unpack
    tar xzf ncurses-5.6.tar.gz
    cd ncurses-5.6

4. Patch
    sh ../
    patch -Np1 -i ../ncurses-5.6-20080628.patch
    patch -Np1 -i ../ncurses-5.6-20080705.patch
    patch -Np1 -i ../ncurses-5.6-20080712.patch
    patch -Np1 -i ../ncurses-5.6-20080713.patch
    patch -Np1 -i ../ncurses-5.6-20080726.patch
    patch -Np1 -i ../ncurses-5.6-20080804.patch

5. Post patch
    sed -i '' -e 's,$(INSTALL_PROG) ncurses-config, at INSTALL_SCRIPT@ ncurses-config,' misc/
    rm -rfv tack Ada95/src/terminal_interface-curses.adb mkinstalldirs

Here are my questions:
1. Have I patched correctly? Are there anymore patches to apply or have I patch too much?

2. Are there anymore Post patch actions to be performed?

Your help in this regard is very much appreciated and many thanks in advance.

Kind regards


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