Nvidia Driver - OpenGL - Compiz

Jeff Molofee nehe at telus.net
Wed Aug 13 03:53:17 UTC 2008

Can anyone tell me why, how to fix, or even what is happening on my machine.

I ran the 169.x driver for a long time with no issues at all. I decided 
to upgrade to 173, and noticed instantly that any time I run an OpenGL 
application X crashes instantly. The odd thing is that I am not seeing 
any errors on the screen (maybe going off too fast), and I do not see 
any errors in any of the log files. X shuts down instantly, my machine 
goes black, X starts back up, and I sit here staring at the log in 
screen. If I go back to the 169 driver, the issues does not occur.

I'm not positive it's OpenGL applications, but it seems any game or GL 
application I try crashes it instantly. Not even a second to acknowledge 
the crash... screen goes black and that's it.

I'm running FreeBSD 7.X (RELENG_7), nothing custom in the kernel, Intel 
6600, GeForce 8800, compiz, gnome, and nothing really fancy.

I've had other tell me to roll back to 169, but no one can tell me why 
this is happening, if it's a problem for everyone, if there is a fix, etc.

Any bits of information would be greatly appreciated.

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