Transparent Bridge with VLAN Tagging - How?

Mike Sweetser - Adhost mikesw at
Wed Aug 13 01:00:48 UTC 2008


I'm attempting to set up a transparent bridge in FreeBSD 7.0 to
eventually act as a PF/Snort box, and it needs to be VLAN aware.
However, I don't seem to be on the right track as far as setting it up.

I have, for instance, VLAN 10 that it needs to be aware of, and this
network segment is on VLAN 10 from a switch higher up.  I have the
current setup, but once it's running, I can't ping anything.  bge0 is
the outside interface, bge1 is inside:

cloned_interfaces="bridge0 vlan0 vlan1"
ifconfig_vlan0="vlan 10 vlandev bge0"
ifconfig_vlan1="vlan 10 vlandev bge1"
ifconfig_bridge0="inet netmask addm bge0 addm
bge1 addm vlan0 addm vlan1 up"

What am I doing wrong?

Thank You,
Mike Sweetser

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