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mc wrote:
| hi,
| can anyone briefly explain what is the general procedure here?
| i am trying to update a few packages which inevitably provoke a firefox2
| install, which i don't want (have ff3).
| checked google and porter's handbook, then tried marking ff2 as IGNORE --
| which i didn't really understand how but added IGNORE= reason etc etc
to the
| makefile at the very top after the comments. seems like it worked, but
what i
| want to update fails because of that.
| i am installing portupgrade now to try with k or K (whichever means
| anyway) but is this a good idea or an easier way?
| also, i am not sure if questions like this go here or still go in ports
| mailing list ?
| thanks in advance

Hi mc,

Which ports are you trying to update?  It may be that they need their
dependencies (BUILD_DEPENDS, RUN_DEPENDS, etc.) changed to reflect the
new version of Firefox.

Of course, that assumes that FF3 provides the same requirements that FF2
did for each specific port.  Please post the port names back here, and
I'll take a look at the various Makefiles.

Best regards,
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