Kernel compile R7.0 i386 GENERIC, fails

Peter B pb at
Mon Aug 11 23:34:43 UTC 2008

>> In previous releases. It was possible to make at leas the generic
>> kernel compile out of the box.
>It still is.  You have to get the full sources though.
>What you are trying to do now, by extracting more parts of the source
>tree as you need them is a very good way to learn the dependencies of
>the various parts of the source tree, but it is likely to fail a few
>times until you get all the necessary bits.
>All this is *very* good as learning experience, but it may be
>frustrating if you just want ``something that works now, instead of,
>say, a week later''.

I found the errors:
1) add "device acpi" to kernel configuration file.
2) Faulty FreeBSD NFS server makeing directory entries empty.

So I got all the required source distributions. And I got the ae and ath
driver upgraded and working.

Thanks anyway for trying to point in the right direction.

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