tt/sbcglobal 2wire,1800 gateway (was: Re: freebsd)

Manolis Kiagias sonic2000gr at
Mon Aug 11 07:12:26 UTC 2008

AAH wrote:
> Hi,
> Can someone give me the correct settings to configure an att/sbcglobal 2wire
> 1800 gateway(it's a modem, router/gateway)to work with FreeBSD?
> I have been told my other users of FreeBSD that this router/gateway does
> work with FreeBSD. (Freebsd 6.3).  However, the values given to me 
> by att techs have not worked.  This is why I am email you all for some
> assistance.  The error message is that network/server is unknown or cannot
> be found.

Well, is this connected through Ethernet? Then it is not a FreeBSD 
problem. You would want to check the following:

- Your computer's IP address / subnet mask
- Your router's IP address / subnet mask (and whether they are in the 
same subnet with the PC). If you are not sure of the router's IP, most 
of them have a reset hole you can use to return it to factory settings. 
Have a look at the manual to see the defaults if you are not sure.

When you verify these, you should be able to ping the router from your 
terminal. Then it is simply a matter of entering the web interface of 
the router and provide a set of credentials and maybe a few more 
settings (like PPPoE or PPPoA and so on).

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