need help debugging port mapping/server setup

Kevin Smith k2msmith at
Sun Aug 10 23:30:15 UTC 2008

I have my freebsd system configured with a static IP behind an Apple
Airport Extreme router using ethernet connection rather than wireless.
 I am trying to set up dynamic dns (with service) and I
would like to open port 80 and others so that I can use my freebsd
system as a web server.

My freebsd system is set up with ddclient to associate dynamic ip
address of router (I have DHCP connection to my ISP,  the local
connnection to my freebsd sytem is static ip address.

Everything appears to be working and I am able to try to telnet the
dyndns hostname and it returns the correct address of my router, but
it does not appear that the router is forwarding the port request to
the freebsd system.  The port tools on the website for
return that the ports I am testing  are closed.  (80, 21, 23)

How do I debug this ?  The AE router as a syslog that I have set for
the highest level of debugging, but I do not see any port mapping
requests in the.  The router is set of for NAT enabled and I have
entered the static IP address of my freebsd system associated with the
desired ports that I want.  A call to my ISP confirmed (at least they
told me) that they do not block any ports.

Any ideas on where to start ?


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