7-stable packages on 7.0-release system?

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at infracaninophile.co.uk
Sun Aug 10 10:24:54 UTC 2008

Torgeir Hoffmann wrote:

> Please excuse me for branching this thread off into another loosely
> related question. But then, if I am to use this laptop of mine for work
> (nothing critical): How stable is 7-stable? Can I upgrade to 7-stable via
> freebsd-update?

RELENG_7 is very stable.  It is a development branch, but it is the
ultimate stage of testing before code goes into a release.  I've never
personally been bitten by problems introduced into stable -- and I track
it fairly closely on a couple of machines that are pretty important to me.

Problems in RELENG_7 are rare -- weeks between occurrences -- and when
they do happen it's usually due to trivial errors merging code from HEAD
that stop the system building successfully.  That sort of thing is generally 
fixed within hours.  As the user of a RELENG_7 system, the only effect
this could have on you would be to delay your doing a system update for a small time.

You will have to use csup/cvsup to track RELENG_7 and compile world
yourself.  FreeBSD-update only covers release branches (eg RELENG_7_0
or 7.0-RELEASE-p3 as it is at the moment.)



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