BIND won't resolve my IPs (not upstream or something?)

Redd Vinylene reddvinylene at
Sat Aug 9 11:55:59 UTC 2008

I'm pretty sure I do, though my apologies if I'm wrong, did you check my pastie?

On Sat, Aug 9, 2008 at 1:48 PM, Derek Ragona
<derek at> wrote:
> At 05:41 AM 8/9/2008, Redd Vinylene wrote:
> I got this FreeBSD server called mother ( On it, I've made
> two jails, camel ( and box ( through to
> The problem is that reverse lookups for any of the IPs
> preceding .4 on box fails. If I connect to IRC with .5 for instance,
> it times out and reverts back to .4, whose lookup works just fine.
> BIND runs on camel. Maybe the problem is that BIND is not upstream for
> all those IPs? (I don't know what that means, a friend just told me)
> Or that I haven't configured the reverse for any of the other IPs? I
> would really like to keep BIND running on camel, as its dedicated to
> all my vital network services, whereas box is the home of all my
> users, and thus expendable ;) Is there any way to modify BIND on
> camel, or must I set up an additional one on box? My (hopefully)
> relevant configuration files can be found here --
> -- much obliged, and thanks!
> You need to check that you have zone files for both forward and reverse
> lookups, and those zones are defined in named.conf
>         -Derek
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