Free wireless network (access point, router, transparent HTTP proxy setup)

Svein Halvor Halvorsen svein.h at
Sat Aug 9 11:54:19 UTC 2008

Hello, fellow FreeBSD-ers!

I'd like to a good neighbor and share my DSL line and set up an
unencrypted free wireless access point. I often find myself wanting
more free access points around the city, so I thought I'd stand up
as a good example for others :-)

I want people to know that they can use the network (easy, use ssid
"free internet"), but I want them to know that they should be nice,
and it's meant for casual browsing, and that misuse will cause a ban.

So, what I'd like:

1) Setup a wireless network card in infrastructure mode, I think.
2) Setup a DHCP server and DNS forwarder on this interface
3) Setup routing from one interface to my other network
4) Use a firewall to close down lots of stuff, maybe also limit
bandwith per mac-address, and a way to deny access to certain NICs.
5) Insert a message in all text/html over HTTP, basically saying:
"Hi, guest! Feel free to use our free internet, but be nice!" And a
close-button, which I guess needs to send a POST to a http server as
well, and that I need to record this action in a database, and use
the same database to dynamically insert the message above or not.

So, if you have any pointers to any of the above, please feel free
to give me directions. Keywords, product names, and other "google
bait" is good. I know how to read, but I don't really know where to

I'm guessing that pt. (5) will be hardest.

	Svein Halvor

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