BIND won't resolve my IPs (not upstream or something?)

Redd Vinylene reddvinylene at
Sat Aug 9 10:41:38 UTC 2008

I got this FreeBSD server called mother ( On it, I've made
two jails, camel ( and box ( through to The problem is that reverse lookups for any of the IPs
preceding .4 on box fails. If I connect to IRC with .5 for instance,
it times out and reverts back to .4, whose lookup works just fine.
BIND runs on camel. Maybe the problem is that BIND is not upstream for
all those IPs? (I don't know what that means, a friend just told me)
Or that I haven't configured the reverse for any of the other IPs? I
would really like to keep BIND running on camel, as its dedicated to
all my vital network services, whereas box is the home of all my
users, and thus expendable ;) Is there any way to modify BIND on
camel, or must I set up an additional one on box? My (hopefully)
relevant configuration files can be found here -- -- much obliged, and thanks!


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