ACLs, permission mask and chmod g=

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Fri Aug 8 22:05:31 UTC 2008

You may consider trying chmod 660 filename.

660 -----> UGW, user group world.  For each read, write, and execute is
given a number, 4,2,1 repectively.  So, 660 would result in rw-rw----,  a
popluar format is 755, rwxr-xr-x.  You would simply replace add the numbers
together for each division and place them after chmod and before the file to
give the permissions you would like.

Svein Halvor Halvorsen-4 wrote:
> If I have acls enabled on a file, running chmod g=rw on that file,
> will not change its group permissions, but the acl mask.
> That is, running the following command:
> 	$ chmod g=rw foo
> ... is equivalent with
> 	$ setfacl -m m::rw-
> ... and not, as I would suspect:
> 	$ setfacl -m g::rw-
> In other words, foo will not be read/writable by its default group
> after the command have been run (unless it was already).
> I find this behaviour to be very confusing. It might be the correct
> bahaviour, but if so maybe the chmod(1) manpage, and possibly
> chmod(2), should be updated to document this?
> 	Svein Halvor

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