FreeBSD 7.0 on Xen

Elwell, Richard richard.elwell at
Fri Aug 8 19:17:15 UTC 2008

CentOS 5.2

On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 12:04 PM, OutBackDingo <outbackdingo at ...
<> >
> I have a working config for non-HVM systems, its stable enough to play
with but 
> not for production, if you have however a HVM machine, FreeBSD runs
> under linux KVM 

What host OS are you using for dom0? I'm considering setting this up 
on my second box, so I can run 7.0-STABLE and 8.0-CURRENT 
simultaneously (and use the full capabilities/speed of the processor), 
but I've heard of limited success, depending on the host/dom0 OS. 


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