Disk errors on installing FreeBSD 7.0

Al Plant noc at hdk5.net
Fri Aug 8 00:17:37 UTC 2008

N.J. Thomas wrote:
> * "Snorre D. ?verb?" <snorre at overbo.no> [2008-08-07 15:29:11+0000]:
>> When I boot up with the installation DVD these error messages appear
>> on the screen.
>> ad1: FAILURE - READ_DMA status=51<READY,DSC,ERROR> error=84<ICRC,ABORTED> LBA=0055347
>> ad0: FAILURE - READ_DMA status=51<READY,DSC,ERROR> error=84<ICRC,ABORTED> LBA=0
>> etc
> I got the same exact errors trying to install 7.0-RELEASE on two
> different Dell boxes. One was 4 years old, the other was brand new (3
> months ago).
> Never was able to fix the problem. For the older one, I plugged in an
> external DVD drive and installed via that. For the other one, I
> installed via a mini-install disk, and then did a minimal network
> install.
> For the record, they both had SATA drives and the disks worked (and
> still work) fine after the OS was installed. It was just copying the
> base system off the CD that was causing errors.
> Thomas
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I am getting the same errors as you guys with an intermittient BIG_read 
one occasionally. I've tried to install FreeeBSD CURRENT 8 and 7 release.

This is on a no name box with a bio board and 1100 cpu. I've had this on 
other boxes too and load IDE drives on a box that works with them and 
then put them in the box with errors and they work just fine.

Every thing gets recognized normally at  install time, but the size of 
the IDE drive a Fujutsu 20 gig. shows twice what it should be every time.

Dont know if this has anything to do with it, except if you change the 
size in installer it wont load anything.

Maybe one of the top level gurus on the list can help.


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