having problems with dhcpd and bootp clients

Andrew Falanga af300wsm at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 19:26:01 UTC 2008


dhcpd starts so I know that there are no problems with my
configuration file (at least syntax, I suppose that a semantic error
may still be present).  Running dhcpd with the -d option shows this
string being placed on stderr:

BOOTREQUEST from <MAC> via fxp0: BOOTP from dynamic client and no dynamic leases

Now, what's confusing is that the MAC for this client is one in which
I've specifically called out in /usr/local/etc/dhcpd.conf.  This is a
work machine so I can't share the config file with you (sorry I know
that will make it difficult to help).  This DHCP server can't hand out
any addresses dynamically so I've prevented that from happening.  It's
only purpose is to hand out a small block of IP addresses that my team
uses within a much larger subnet.

None of these clients are DHCP clients, they are only BOOTP.  These
clients aren't actually trying to boot over the network they're just
getting an address.  (Yes, this probably isn't the best way, or the
correct way, of doing this but I didn't set it up but I must use it).
So, the long and the short of it is that our older BOOTP server has
died and I'm trying to get something in place to keep us functioning.

>From the manual page for dhcpd(8)

	    subnet netmask {

       If  a  subnet  will  only be provided with BOOTP service and no dynamic
       address assignment, the range clause can be left out entirely, but  the
       subnet statement must appear.

So, I have:

subnet mysubnet netmask thenetmask {

Then, all of the host entries are:

host host1 {
             option host-name "host1";
             hardware ethernet <the MAC>;
             fixed-address <the IP to give this client>;

I noticed that the manual page shows this for a bootp client:

	    host haagen {
	      hardware ethernet 08:00:2b:4c:59:23;
	      filename "/tftpboot/haagen.boot";

The verbiage used in the paragraph right above this example, in the
man page, would lead one to believe that the "filename" option used in
the host declarator isn't necessary, but never the less it is
different than what I have and I wanted to ask.

I haven't been able to track it down as yet but I'm thinking that my
problem probably isn't with my host declarator sections.  It probably
has something to do with an option to the configuration that I haven't
found yet.  I'm going to keep looking, but it was time to ask for some
help too.

This is all running on a FreeBSD 6.2p11 box.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

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