64-bit Linux Binary Compatibility (for Matlab)

Kris Kennaway kris at FreeBSD.org
Thu Aug 7 14:37:51 UTC 2008

Maxim Khitrov wrote:
> Hello all,
> Simple question - am I able to run 64-bit linux binaries using the ABI
> emulation under FreeBSD 7.0 amd64? In the NOTES for amd64 kernel
> configuration the COMPAT_LINUX option is commented out, but I don't
> understand the explanation at the top of the section:

Not yet, there is a summer of code project working on this but I don't 
think it is complete.  You can, of course, run 32-bit linux binaries on 

> If anyone else here is running Matlab on FreeBSD, I'd welcome any
> pointers you can give me for setting it up. Right now, I'm following
> the steps listed in the handbook. As a side note - is it, in fact, the
> case that Matlab x86_64 will run slower than the 32-bit version
> (http://osdir.com/ml/netbsd.ports.x86-64/2006-07/msg00061.html)?

Depends what you use it for, presumably.


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