[Off Topic] Clients still not connecting to the FreeBSD mail server

Andrew D andrewd at webzone.net.au
Wed Aug 6 10:10:43 UTC 2008

Hi Andrew,

Nice name :)

Andrew Falanga wrote:
> Hi,


> I've verified the same timeout behavior with Outlook Express and Thunderbird.  
> Using Thunderbird, I was able to check different settings too.  The settings 
> should be to use authentication on the smtp server using SSL.  Someone, 
> please educate me, does this mean that the authentication takes place over 
> port 465 and the regular smtp still takes place over 25, or do both take 
> place over 25?  I ask because KMail (my setup at home that works) says to use 
> SSL, not TLS which uses port 465.  At the server, I use sockstat and see that 
> on IPv4 sendmail has an open port on 465.

Depending on the mailserver and its setup it should be able to support 
SSL/TLS and unencrypted session on port 25. On port 465 Only SSL/TLS 
sessions are supported. There is also port 587 (again depending on the 
server and setup) that uses port 587 just for the submission of email 
using unencrypted/SSL/TLS sessions.  Depending on the mailserver it 
should also be able to support authentication on any of the 3 above ports.

I hope that helps.

> Thanks,
> Andy
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