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Tue Aug 5 05:23:05 UTC 2008

Daniel Bye wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 04, 2008 at 06:37:28PM -0400, email wrote:
>> I thank you.  In addition, I am quite sure the command we are referred 
>> to in "23.4.5 Drop to Single User Mode" is in fact 'shutdown now' and 
>> not 'shutdown -r now'.  
> Yes. But that section relates to dropping to single user mode for the
> duration of the build, not for the installworld phase. To quote from 
> 23.4.5:
>   You may want to *compile* the system in single user mode. (Emphasis
>   mine)
> It is merely a possible preparatory step that some people like to take
> before embarking on the rest of the process.
> Section 23.4.9 goes on to talk about what to do after the world and 
> kernel build are complete, and you have installed the new kernel:
>   You should reboot into single user mode to test the new kernel works.
>   Do this by following the instructions in Section 23.4.5.
> This refers specifically to the part of 23.4.5 that talks about 
> rebooting into single user mode, and not the part that talks about
> dropping to single user mode. (A subtle, but important, distinction.)
> I would suggest that the simplest approach would be something like:
> # cd /usr/src
> # make buildworld && make buildkernel
> # make installkernel
> (reboot into single user mode)
> # fsck -p
> # mount -u /
> # mount -at ufs
> # swapon -a
> # cd /usr/src
> # make installworld
> # mergemaster
> (Just so we're clear - section 23.4.5 talks about going to single
> user mode for the duration of the *first 3 steps* of the above process.
> As I mentioned previously, I have never found this step necessary, but
> there is certainly no harm in it, and it may be the sensible thing to
> do if your system has a lot of users logged in during normal operations.
> Note that you must still reboot after installing the new kernel, and
> before continuing to installworld.)
> Dan

I followed 'your' suggestion/recommendation and did 'shutdown -r now' 
with great results; -- fsck -p works fine. However allow me to say that 
the fbsd handbook section 23.4.9, which I was initially following 
referred me back/up to section 23.4.5. The entire section -- 23.4 
Rebuilding “world” only mentioned 'shutdown -r now' one (1) time in 
section 23.4.12. Had the fbsd handbook mentioned 'shutdown -r now' 
instead of referring the reader to another section perhaps I wouldn't be 
discussing this with you. :-) Sorry to make this longer than it needed 
to be. I thank you once again.

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