Client only supports checkout mode

kalin m kalin at
Mon Aug 4 20:43:40 UTC 2008


i tried both cvsup and csup to update my ports and i'm not sure it's 
working. they both run through but the ports don't seem to be updated.
like i can see a new port here which is 5.2.6 
(also on freshports) but using i don't get above 

is there any other way?

Manolis Kiagias wrote:
> kalin m wrote:
>> hi all...
>> why would i get : "Client only supports checkout mode" when i do;
>> csup /cvsup_file
>> on a new freebsd 7 install
>> what does it mean?!
>> thanks...
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> It means you are trying to use a supfile that works in cvs mode.
> In cvs mode, the client does not simply checkout the latest version of 
> the files from the repository, instead it retrieves the ",v" files 
> that make up the whole repository. Effectively this means you are 
> creating a local copy of the repository, while in checkout mode you 
> just get the latest revision of every file.
> CVS mode is mostly necessary if you wish to have quick access to all 
> versions of a file (and the revision history) and mostly useful for 
> developers. In other cases (for example, to update your ports tree) 
> checkout mode is sufficient.
> And now, here is the catch: Many people need to use checkout mode 
> often, so csup was created and added to the base system. Csup is a 
> rewrite (in C) of the well know cvsup utility (that exists in ports). 
> But csup *does not* support cvs mode. So if you are trying to use a 
> supfile that operates in cvs mode, you will get the "Client only 
> supports checkout mode"
> If you really need to use a cvs mode supfile, you will need to pkg_add 
> -r cvsup-without-gui (or build it from ports) and then use the cvsup 
> command instead of csup. A cvs mode supfile contains the line:
> default release = cvs
> while in a simple checkout supfile, this line also contains a tag, 
> e.g. (my ports supfile):
> default release = cvs tag=.
> The tag simply requests a particular revision of the files (a 
> checkout), and in the case of "." it simply means the latest revision 
> (head)
> You can get a nice description of all options in the Handbook:

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