buildworld, buildkernel, installkernel, shutdow now, fsck -p -- NO WRITE ACCESS

freebsd_user at freebsd_user at
Mon Aug 4 20:17:00 UTC 2008

I do not code in any way.  With that being said, should you be able to 
help please do so with the knowledge that I can not code.  I'm following 
the freebsd handbook when the following occurs.

-- separate fresh 'dangerously dedicated' installs of both 7.0 and 
6.3-RELEASE on the same machine, yield the following:
In multi-user mode make buildworld, buildkernel and installkernel.
Shutdown now
-- fsck -p
/dev/ad4s1a: NO WRITE ACCESS

This happens each and everytime no matter if I install from iso -or- ftp 
(passive). After numerous attempts the only way to get past this is 
'fsck -y'. Could the fbsd handbook section I'm following need updating 
or is there another issue taking place here?

23.4.1 The Canonical Way to Update Your System
23.4.5 Drop to Single User Mode

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