Alexandre Biancalana biancalana at
Mon Aug 4 19:00:38 UTC 2008

On 8/1/08, Nikos Vassiliadis <nvass at> wrote:
> On Friday 01 August 2008 06:54:02 Alexandre Biancalana wrote:
>  > The firewalls failover this is working great with Carp. My
>  > difficulties is to configure OpenOSPFD to distribute routes in this
>  > setup,
> Two points:
>  1) Did you try to run OSPF on the CARP interface?
>  Or the physical one? I don't think running OSPF
>  on the CARP interface will work, cause the CARP
>  interface receives nothing while at BACKUP mode.

OpenOSPFD always see CARP interfaces as passive...

> No, OSPF cannot provide load balancing, as FreeBSD does not support
>  equal cost multipath routing, that is you can use one and only one
>  next hop for a destination. So, in short, OSPF will not do load
>  balancing, as it does with other vendors you may be familiar with.

bad news... I remember now that multiple fibs are too new on FreeBSD...

Thinking again, I can survive with equal cost multipath routing and do
the failover via script...

How's good is our ECMP ?  Have someone tested this ?
>  If you run CARP on the LAN links as well(which you probably do),
>  you should test and see how CARP's ARP level load balancing fits
>  your network...

It's working as expected

Thank you again!

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