Multicast routing howto?

Kurt Buff kurt.buff at
Sun Aug 3 21:06:24 UTC 2008

I've put together a router for work - it's a 7-Stable box, with 3
dual-port NICs in it.

It's in use by our test/dev folks, and I've been asked to
enable/configure multicast on it. It has one port on the production
LAN (, and the other 5 on the test/dev networks
(, 1.0/24, 2.0/24, 3.0/24 and  4.0/24). Obviously, we're
only running IPv4, and it's working just fine with the static routes
I've set up.

I just this weekend upgraded it from 6.3 to 7-stable, and per this link:

I recompiled the kernel after putting in "options MROUTING" in the
kernel config, but haven't put mrouted on, as it's deprecated in the
above handbook link.

I've perused man pages for pim and rc.conf, but cannot find not much
else on how to configure it, even after googling a bit to

Anyone care to point me to a howto on setting this up?

Many thanks,


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