gemeral questions (noobish)

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Sat Aug 2 15:32:57 UTC 2008

On Sat, 2 Aug 2008 15:50:48 +0200
mcassar <marshc187 at> wrote:

> firstly - i have installed kde3 and xfce4 from packages (like most of
> it -> xorg,etc) and have tried updates before with different results.
> i don't mind messing things up, as long as i can somehow surf or
> check mails - but would like to do a *proper* update.
> firstly, are [freebsd-update] and [cvsup stable src.all] necessary
> before installing anything from ports? 

freebsd-update does a binary update to the base system, csup of src-all
is for fetching source to rebuild the base system. You can build ports
and base independently

BTW you should be using csup (in the base system), not cvsup. cvsup was
written in modulo2, csup is a rewrite in C with fewer dependencies

Also if you are new to FreeBSD, you should probably not be using a
stable branch, these are stable development branches. Consider using a
security branch like RELENG_7_0, and later moving to RELENG_7_1 and so

> and are ports considered
> stable or current? or are they automatically matched to the installed
> version?

There's only one version of ports, the builds automatically adapt to
your basesystem version.

> also, do portsnap and cvsup ports do the same thing? i've tried cvsup
> exactly after portsnap and it still seems to edit/update the ports
> tree.

They're more or less the same. portsnap is faster, but it's for ports
only and is less flexible.

> why i'm confused is that i get alot of warnings when many ports try
> to build, and many hiccups in apps once they are installed, and i
> don't know which way to go --- gcc manual and fixing my environment,
> build options, etc,, or if it still something in the actual ports?

You don't need to set much, if anything. Read the entries
in /usr/ports/UPDATING before doing an upgrade. Most build problems
will fix themselves within a day or two if you resync the ports tree.


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