The best way to upgrade my FreeBSD and its jails

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Fri Aug 1 17:33:35 UTC 2008


On Fri, 1 Aug 2008 19:26:20 +0200, "Redd Vinylene" <reddvinylene at> wrote:
> My dedicated server is mother, its two jails are camel and box. Is
> this the best way to upgrade all of them?
> Pretty cool huh?

Uh, bad idea. :-) If I remember correctly, you cannot update the
system within "one rush" if you don't use the binary update with
the freebsd-update utility.

According to your script

> cd /usr/src && \
> make buildworld && \
> make buildkernel && \

seems to be okay up to this point, but

> make installworld && \
> make installkernel && \

is not recommended to be done in MUM. Refer to the corresponding
section of the handbook: Build world and kernel first, then
install the new kernel and reboot the system into SUM with it;
then run "mergemaster -p", install the world and run "mergemaster".
I think "make delete-old" comes afterwards.

But I think you can update the jails camel and box as you

The handbook will tell you more precisely what to do.

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