Question re IPs-to-CIDR conversion program

Mark Wilson wilsoncpu at
Fri Aug 1 15:08:12 UTC 2008

 I'm trying to write a program that will take 2 IPs and return an appropriate CIDR which contains both.
I found this file: listed under ~eivind on FreeBSD, which sounds like it might be a good model.
Unfortunately, I can't download the file (get "Forbidden") page, nor locate user "eivind" on the FreeBSD Homepages page to ask him/her about it.
(It's dated 2001, in case that helps; apparently eivind is long gone...)

1. Can anyone get me a copy of this program? Or...
2. Put me in touch with its author so I can ask about it?? Or...
3. Point me to another program which does what I need?

Thanks. I'm very new to all this; I was able to cobble together a CIDR-to-IPs calculator in JavaScript, but going this other direction seems much harder, and far more confusing.


wilsoncpu at

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