raid and dump/restore after the disaster

Derek Ragona derek at
Wed Apr 30 15:38:16 UTC 2008

At 02:09 AM 4/30/2008, Roberto Nunnari wrote:
>Anybody on this, pleeeease? :)
>Am I missing something basilar, or it's a FreeBSD bug?
>Incomplete support for the ICH9R?
>I cannot attach the boot log, because the boot process
>panics just before mounting the disks and nothing is
>logged on /var/log/
>Anyways, booting in verbose mode shows that the last
>activities before it panics are on the disks and fakeraid..
>it finds one of the disks and then the last output before
>the panic is about the Intel MatrixRAID.
>Any thoughts on this, please?
>Best regards
>Roberto Nunnari wrote:
>>Hi all!
>>I'm playing with new HW and FreeBSD 6.3 and 7.0.
>>I set up raid 1 on two sata disks (fakeraid on ICH9R)
>>and as long as I can see, it seams to work very well.
>>Now I'm trying to simulate 1 disk failure (I just take
>>out a disk and boot again). Doesn't matter which of the
>>two disks I take out, the bios correctly shows the raid
>>as degraded and bootable, loads the FreeBSD loader, who
>>loads the kernel and starts the boot.
>>But when the kernel comes to the drives (or the swap?)
>>it fatal traps 12. The trap descriptions sais that
>>current process is 0 (swapper).
>>Reading that I commented out the swap partition from fstab,
>>but that doesn't help.
>>How can I get the system to finish the boot?
>>Thank you and best regards.

I believe these are software RAID and the support for the failover is in 
the system BIOS.  If a drive fails, you need to replace the failed drive 
and rebuild the array.  If you want hot swapable drives in an array, you 
will need to use a different RAID card that supports that feature.


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