keysym error while starting X

br073n at br073n at
Wed Apr 30 05:07:06 UTC 2008

On Apr 8, 7:35 am, "Tsu-Fan Cheng" <tfch... at> wrote:
> Hi,
>    I found that I can't start x-window because of some keysym error,
> when entering X using xinit, I have these on the screen:
> expected keysym, gotXF86KbdLightOnOff: line 70 of pc


Do you also have an error about Just below the above
message on my machine was a complaint about not finding,
and the answer was to do "deinstall && reinstall" in that part of the
ports tree. Now, I have the same error as above, but it doesn't
prevent me getting to run.


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