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Gregory linuxien64 at
Tue Apr 29 16:23:21 UTC 2008


   Some days ago, I wrote you a mail but I get no answer. The mail was the
following :

>   Sir,
>   Presently, my hard disk is managed by a 3112A chipset (SATA I).
>As you probably know it, this chipset isn't compatible with FreeBSD.
>Can you advise me an external card that you compatible with FreeBSD
>to manage my hard disk ? I've sent a mail to asking for
>a card that manage my hard disk but they seem to have no card
>compatible with FreeBSD. I'm running FreeBSD since begin of 6.1
>but I can'nt access some disks. Wich card containing HDD SATA I
>chipset do you suggest ?

>   Gregory HOLLAND

>P.S. : I've done a talk to the FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Software
>Developers European Meeting). The topic of my talk was
>"End User migration from Linux to FreeBSD"
>I'm running FreeBSD 6.3 now. In June, I'll update to FreeBSD 7.0.

>I need an Internal PCI card

   I have the possibility to buy a SWEEX PU103 with a Sil3512 chipset. Does
FreeBSD 7.0
support this chipset ?

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