raid and dump/restore after the disaster

Roberto Nunnari roberto.nunnari at
Tue Apr 29 06:56:20 UTC 2008

Hi all!

I'm playing with new HW and FreeBSD 6.3 and 7.0.

I set up raid 1 on two sata disks (fakeraid on ICH9R)
and as long as I can see, it seams to work very well.

Now I'm trying to simulate 1 disk failure (I just take
out a disk and boot again). Doesn't matter which of the
two disks I take out, the bios correctly shows the raid
as degraded and bootable, loads the FreeBSD loader, who
loads the kernel and starts the boot.
But when the kernel comes to the drives (or the swap?)
it fatal traps 12. The trap descriptions sais that
current process is 0 (swapper).

Reading that I commented out the swap partition from fstab,
but that doesn't help.

How can I get the system to finish the boot?

Thank you and best regards.


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