Problem with reconnecting ppp (ppp -ddial isp)

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Mon Apr 28 22:11:50 UTC 2008

On Sat, 26 Apr 2008 21:12:11 +0200
Ivan Toman <ivtoman at> wrote:

> First problem get when ISP disconnect me after 24 hours due to IP 
> change. Link does not properly get reconnected. ppp tries to connect, 
> and appearenty is connected, but something is wrong because no
> traffic is possible and after few seconds ppp goes down and
> reconnects again. And again and again.... Strange above all is that
> during reconnecting routing table always has default route, but ping
> does not go. Next, I will put some information that I think is
> relevant to problem, but it seems to me, not very useful in debugging
> this.

I don't know if it's exactly the same problem, but I've had a similar
problem with userland ppp and even submitted logfiles of forced
disconnects. I thought the problem was with ng_pppoe, but apparently,
it is with ppp(8). Unfortunately, ppp's maintainer didn't reply or
chime in, and the problem is obviously still lingering there, deep
inside ppp or between ppp and ng_pppoe. :( The thread started here:

You may not have hit the very same bug, but the circumstances are
pretty much similar. Someone really ought to have a look at ppp.

Fortunately, with the help from Alexander and Julian, I've switched
to net/mpd5, and didn't encounter any problems with this 24h forced
ADSL disconnect ever since (running RELENG_7 now). Just give it a
try: you'll like it!

I'm now using the following /usr/local/etc/mpd5/mpd.conf:

--------------- /usr/local/etc/mpd5/mpd.conf ----------------------
        # configure users
        set user mpd XXXXXXXXXX
        # configure the console
        set console self 5005
        set console user mpd
        set console open
        # configure the web server
        set web self 5006
        set web user mpd
        set web open

        load pppoe_client

        create bundle static B1
        set iface route default
        set iface enable nat
        set ipcp ranges
        set ipcp disable vjcomp
        create link static L1 pppoe
        set link action bundle B1
        set auth authname "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
        set auth password "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
        set link max-redial 0
        set link mtu 1460
        set link mru 1460
        set link keep-alive 10 60
        set link disable acfcomp
        set link disable protocomp 
        set pppoe iface sis0 
        set pppoe service ""
        set log +echo
------------------- /usr/local/etc/mpd5/mpd.conf -----------------------

Good luck!

> Ivan Toman


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