Can't upgrade lsof

Beat Siegenthaler beat.siegenthaler at
Mon Apr 28 05:03:54 UTC 2008

Larry Smith wrote:

> I'm a newbie trying to upgrade 'lsof'. 'Portupgrade -a' goes well except for lsof and a couple of files that depend on it (gnome-system-monitor, gnome-applets, etc.)
>   I have cvs'ed my ports tree, did portsdb, pkgdb and portsclean over the last couple of days to see if it self-corrects.  It didn't.  Googling didn't turn up anything either. Any suggestions, advice, or comments would be greatly appreciated.

"Rebuilding the World" will help. I had the same Problem and contacted
the port maintainer.
Also, it is reported that upgrading to latest 7-STABLE will fix this.

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