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I'm trying to install freebsd 7 AMD64 on a HP Proliant DL380 Server (3gig
ram, Dual Xeon 3.06GHZ)

All firmware are up to date, and there is no memory problem or known problem
(Based on extended diagnostic of the system)

I installed windows 2003 to update the firmware without any problem.

When I boot from the freebsd cd, I see the  BSD Boot Menu
As soon as I get into "Boot freebsd" or "Boot freebsd safe mode" or "Boot
freebsd verbose mode" or "freebsd acpi mode d

There is a dump on the screen and the last line is btx halted.

I retyped the screen dump hoping someone could help me:

int=0000000d  err=00000000  efl=00010006  eip=000219b2
eax=000219ac  ebx=00000000  ecx=c0000080  edx=0006d948
esi=0003e007  edi=00000000  ebp=000940bc  esp=0009e088
cs=0008  ds=0010    fs=0010  gs=0010  ss=0010
cs:eip=0f 32 0d 00 01 00 00 0f-30 0f 20 e0 83 c8 30 0f
       22 e0 b8 00 c0 03 00 0f-22 d8 0f 20 c0 0d 00 00
Ss:eso=90 95 00 00 00 80 fc 00-00 90 fc 00 07 e0 03 00
       00 00 00 00 07 d0 03 00-00 00 00 00 3c d9 06 00
BTX halted

Any help would be really appreciated


I just downloaded i386 version of freebsd and I was able to get into the
setup menu. Would it be possible that my server is not compatible with AMD64
version of freebsd ?

It is compatible with linux AMD64 version though...

As anyone managed to run freebsd 7.0 AMD64 on a dl380 G3 ?


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