6.2 to 7.0 upgrade problem

PJ af.gourmet at videotron.ca
Fri Apr 25 21:37:35 UTC 2008

   After updating-upgrading from 6.2 to 7.0, I am unable to "make
   buildkernel" for 7.0. The error message says that "...config(8) does
   not match kernel!" with the instruction to sync config with the src
   files. Version 600003 is indicated as installed with 600004 required.
   In searching through the /usr/src/... files, I found what appeared to
   be version 600006 as existing in the source tree.
   The kernel remains the smp kernel for 6.2. When the update started,
   there was message stating that the kernel would not be updated if it
   is not GENERIC.  So, fine! I updated and all appears to be well; the
   ports were updated (even much too much) as there are probably more
   than a hundred programs installed that are of absolutely no use to me,
   at this time anyway.
   I have cvsupped the src tree and this is where things get rather
   The stable-supfile calls for the branch 7_RELEASE whereas the
   standard-supfile call for 7_0_RELEASE... whaaaat? There is a
   And then, the GENERIC kernel configuration versions are also different
   - I saw several from 1.474.2.7 to 1.474.2.2.2 and if I recall there
   was still another....
   And the freebsd-update.conf file (line 26) doesn't allow and install
   or rollback as it appears to indicate that the current version is 7.0.
   So, if anyone can figure out how it would be possible to install a
   custom 7.0_RELEASE kernel, I would be most grateful.
   Thanks in advance,
   Pippo Giordano

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