tarfs progress?

andrew clarke mail at ozzmosis.com
Fri Apr 25 21:06:39 UTC 2008

On Fri 2008-04-25 22:56:53 UTC+0200, David Naylor (naylor.b.david at gmail.com) wrote:

> Has there been any progress on the tarfs, or any place one can find the 
> current sources for it?  

Quoting http://www.googlebit.com/doku.php?id=tarfs :

"tarfs is a tar file system implementation for FreeBSD. The current goals are:

* Support all standard read-only operations, just like a real file system.
* Support large tar files (several gb's)
* Use minimal memory
* Allow using tar file as a root file system
* Fast enough to actually use

Here's the current state of things:

* Mounts tar files (after using mdconfig to create a device)
* Can do most operations on the fs
* Supports large tar files
* Uses a relatively small amount of memory - proportional to number of files/dirs
* Fairly fast

Here's the current issues still needing resolution:

* No `..' directory in root of mounted tar file system
* Locking issues regarding `..' in subdirs off root of fs
* No block/char special device support. Needed?
* Needs a directory cache (like dirhash maybe?)
* Have not yet tried as a root fs

Snapshot of the current code can be found here: tarfs-2008-01-20.tar.gz"

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