PAM error: error in service module

Lena at Lena at
Fri Apr 25 19:44:43 UTC 2008


I'm trying to set up Exim in a jail to authenticate using the
security/pam_pop3 port. Exim authenticator:

  driver = plaintext
  public_name = PLAIN
  server_prompts = :
  server_condition = ${if pam{$auth2:${sg{$auth3}{:}{::}}}}
  server_set_id = $2

The jail hasn't /etc/pam.conf file, /etc/pam.d/exim contains one line:

auth required /usr/local/lib/ hostname=localhost debug pwprompt=Password: timeout=5

Exim correctly passes the login (email address) and password to pam_pop3
(they are visible in /var/log/debug.log), pam_pop3 asks the POP3 server
and gets the +OK response (password correct):

Apr 25 17:22:41 lena PAM-pop3[24639]: Received Password Response: +OK^M
Apr 25 17:22:41 lena PAM-pop3[24639]: Sent QUITting: QUIT ^M
Apr 25 17:22:41 lena PAM-pop3[24639]: Authentication Succeeded for (username)@(domain) at server localhost port 110

But then Exim gets the error (output of `exim -d+auth -bh`,
I masked the login and password):

$auth1 =
$auth2 = (username)@(domain)
$auth3 = (password)
$1 =
$2 = (username)@(domain)
$3 = (password)
Running PAM authentication for user "(username)@(domain)"
PAM error: error in service module
expansion failed: error in service module
SMTP>> 435 Unable to authenticate at present

Nothing in /var/log/messages,auth.log.
uname -a
FreeBSD 6.3-STABLE FreeBSD 6.3-STABLE #0: Mon Mar 24 08:01:01 CET 2008     root()  i386

On another machine - my 6.2-RELEASE-p1 workstation:
/usr/src # fgrep -r -B 1 'error in service module' *
contrib/openpam/lib/pam_strerror.c-     case PAM_SERVICE_ERR:
contrib/openpam/lib/pam_strerror.c:             return ("error in service module");
/usr/src # fgrep -r 'PAM_SERVICE_ERR' * | wc -l

I have root access only inside the jail (it's VPS/VDS).
How can I debug futher?



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