ldconfig vs /usr/local/lib/mysql

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Fri Apr 25 18:26:07 UTC 2008

One of our FreeBSD 6 servers got rebooted and when it came back we found 
that /usr/local/lib/mysql was not amongst the directories on the 
standard ldconfig paths.

Can someone gently explain how this is supposed to work. On our other 
servers I see the both /usr/local/lib/apache2  and /usr/local/lib/mysql 
are on the standard paths, but I don't know where those folders get set 
up as there are no ld.so.conf (or ld-elf.so.conf) files in /etc.

It's easy to get those folders into the /var/run/ld.so.hints etc files, 
but how does one make them persist?
Robin Becker

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