ssh StrictHostKeyChecking=no refuse connection when key changed

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Fri Apr 25 16:37:14 UTC 2008

On Apr 25, 2008, at 9:09 AM, Anton Shterenlikht wrote:
> Is it normal that StrictHostKeyChecking=no in .ssh/config
> still refuses ssh connection when host ID has changed.
> I've a setup in which host ids change frequently. How
> can I setup ssh so that it ignores key change.

You'd be better off fixing whatever it is that is making your host IDs  
change, but I suppose you  could also try to create a zero-length  
known_hosts file, and keep it that way via:

   chflags uchg ~/.ssh/known_hosts

You might also try to automate finding the current valid hostkeys via  


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