USB / printer woes

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Fri Apr 25 05:24:46 UTC 2008

> connecting to usb0 / usb1 both of which are usb revision 1.0. All the
> information I have says this printer is usb 2.0. Why is it not

usb 2.0 doesn't mean USB high speed (480Mbps) but is common mistaken.
it's about protocol not speed.

> attaching to ehci0/uhub2/usb2?
> echo "something" > /dev/ulpt0 results in silence. So does printing a
> test page from the cups web interface. It's a black hole.
> Can anybody tell me what's wrong? Would removing ohci/uhci from the
> kernel force it to connect to the usb 2.0 side of things?

it's not a problem here.

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