Install problem to external usb hard drive

Steve P. terlingua at
Fri Apr 25 02:09:54 UTC 2008


If I may ask for a clarification...the link you offered regarded a usb
"pen" drive (flash?), while my problem involves a usb "hard" drive.

Would the problem with a flash drive be the same as my problem with a
hard drive?

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  On Thu, 24 Apr 2008 16:31:33 -0500, "Steve P."

  > Greetings,
  > If this issue is resolved on another thread, pls direct me to it.

  This is a known issue, refer to:

  > I am trying to install fbsd 7.0 on my laptop connected to a usb
  > hard drive. My objective is to leave my internal hd Vista install
  > booting the external install only. My laptop allows me to hit ESC
  > bootup and choose the external drive.
  > My hardware: pc: laptop hp pavilion dv2315nr, cpu: amd turion64 x2,
  > internal hd with Vista, dvd/cd, usb external hard drive(not flash)
  > primary partition type 165.
  > My attempts so far:
  > 1. download 7.0-RELEASE-amd64-disc1.iso and burned to cd.
  > 2. booted cd fine, install works great.
  > 3. During install, on external usb drve, deleted existing partition
  > created a new one type 165.
  > 4. Sliced it up using defaults.
  > 5. Installed the loader, standard to the external drive.
  > 6. Choose minimum install.
  > 7. Completed install.
  > 8. Rebooted, used laptop ESC to boot external drive.
  > 9. Attempt to book external drive results in a fast scrolling
  screen of
  > zeros.

  If you want to use your existing installation, one route would be to
  get hold of the BTXTEST livefs that Dimitry Andric created (see
  above) as a useful tool until the bootloader code is fixed (I'm not
  sure if it's fixed in stable yet, I don't think so).

  Mount the cd and replace /boot/boot, /boot/boot2, and /boot/loader on
  your external hard drive with the ones from the cd.

  Then you could replace the mbr using fdisk and the bootblocks using

  Boot from the livefs, go into fixit mode, then do something like:

  fdisk -B /dev/da0
  bsdlabel -B /dev/da0s1

  I think that should do the trick.

  > Second attempt:
  > Lines 1-8 the same, except on 5, installed the boot manager.
  > 9. Attempt to boot external drive results in identical fast
  > screen of zeros
  > Questions:
  > 1. How do you install fbsd to an external usb hard drive leaving
  > drive untouched? Is this possible?
  > 2. Or if it is impossible, do I need to install the loader on the
  > internal normally booting hard drive?

  I suppose you could just install from the BTXTEST disk too. That
  be easy.

  > Any tips or url's appreciated in advance.
  > Steve.
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