FreeBSD 7.0 jail and Samba 3

Johan Hendriks Johan at
Thu Apr 24 14:16:30 UTC 2008

>> Hey,
>>> ifconfig_rl0_alias0=" netmask"
>>> the mask of an alias ipadres needs to be 32 bits.
>>> I do not now if this solves your problem but it needs to be 32 bits.
>>> ifconfig_rl0_alias0=" netmask"

>Can you explain why it needs to be 32 bits?
>I have both setups (24 and 32) and both seems to works fine.
>(I am not running Samba)

>> I tried with 24 bits - it doesn't work one way or the other.
>> Thanks,
>> Nejc

This is from the man page of ifconfig and there it is

alias   Establish an additional network address for this interface.
	     is sometimes useful when changing network numbers, and one
	     to accept packets addressed to the old interface.	If the
	     is on the same subnet as the first network address for this
	     interface, a non-conflicting netmask must be given.
	     0xffffffff is most appropriate.

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