QEMU networking quirkiness on 7.0

Mario Lobo mario.lobo at ipad.com.br
Thu Apr 24 11:06:46 UTC 2008

> OK, I finally got to test it last night. It almost worked. I ran it
> from the console, and it spit out the command line. Something on the
> command line looked obviously off to me (I think it was the iface=
> part of the network section), anyway, I copied & pasted it, added the
> tap0 reference, and it works perfectly.
> Thanks again,
> -Jim Stapleton

All right, Jim !! Great ! if you use X, I think you could consider using 
qemu-launch. It is really handy. And it saves the configs for every 
particular guest you have and you can call any of them up at the tip of the 

Mario Lobo
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